Feeling parched? Need to cool down? Just plain hungry? Head over to the snack bar, where you can solve all three of those problems. Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth, a sweaty face, or an empty stomach, we’ve got all kinds of food and drinks to serve you well.

Note: All prices listed are before tax.

Cold Drinks
Small Medium Large Extra Large
$1.17 $1.40 $1.73 $2.10
Coke Diet Coke Sprite Hi-C Pink Lemonade Fanta Orange Nestea Sweetened
Hot Drinks
Coffee Tea Hot Chocolate
Pretzel Popcorn Candy
$0.93 $1.50 $1.17

Ice Cream
Chocolate Éclair Bar $1.03
Strawberry Shortcake Bar $1.03
Italian Ice $2.00
Chocolate Bar $1.03
Triple Blast $1.03
Ice Cream Sandwich $0.98
Push Pop $1.03
Sundae Cup $1.85
Orange Bar $0.89
FrütStix Frozen Fruit $1.54
Frozen Snickers $1.96
Frozen Twix $1.96
Frozen Crunch $1.96
Chipwich $1.96
Snickers Cone $2.85
Dove Bar $3.32
Additional Information
Ice cream can be found in the freezer near the television.
From the Kitchen
French Fries $3.00
Cheese Fries $3.50
Buffalo Wings $5.50
Honey Wings $5.50
Chicken Nuggets $4.00
Deep Dish Pizza $2.50
Personal Pizza $2.25
Pizza Rolls $3.00
Mozzarella Sticks $5.00
Nachos with Cheese $3.50
Side Order of Cheese $0.50
Additional Information
The kitchen is closed on weekdays in winter, spring, and fall.